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  1. I didn't in the first one (the tall print), flow was just at 100%. In the smaller one the PLA was at 100% but the PVA was at 110% and 225C as I've had some issues with support adherence to the PLA. It's really odd that it's only happening in that corner on the prints, and only on vertical surfaces as well.
  2. Hi, The last two prints I've done have both had some odd bits of filament hanging off them but only in the top right hand corner. The rest of the print is fine. Is this stringing or something else? Link to Google Drive images of prints It might be entirely coincidental but I have just updated Cura to 2.6.2 and also changed the print cores to some 3D Solex Hardcore ones. I did the XY calibration after installing these. Both prints are in PLA with PVA supports. I didn't use a prime tower in the smaller one. Any thoughts to stop this happening would be much appreciated! Thanks, Hayley
  3. Thanks for your replies and advice. It did make the bubbling noise so I think humidity could be our issue. We've invested in some 3D Solex cores which had been recommended even before this issue. I'll dry out our PVA too. Thanks again!
  4. Hiya, We've been printing pretty successfully with our UM3+ for the last few months, but this week the BB core (printing PVA support) has blocked twice. The first time we had to dismantle the print core (I know this isn't 'authorised' - but we found that out afterwards! :-) ) and managed to unblock it with a very thin drill bit. The second time it stopped printing support midway through a print and seems to have blocked up again. I tried to clear the blockage by heating the print core to 220C and pushing fresh material through by hand, but it wouldn't budge. Disassembling it again we managed to get the blockage out, however the bit we removed wasn't really burnt up so I'm at a loss as to what went wrong. Our best guesses so far: 1. The PVA has 'taken on' humidity and it's burning this off in the core, causing debris 2. The temperature of the PVA core is too high (but I am using the Cura defaults) 3. Some dust/dirt/plastic got in to the print core and has now damaged it 4. The first blockage was a fluke, and we've damaged the print core now by disassembling it 5. The BB core has run it's course and worn, and just needs replacing (though we've not used even a whole PVA reel yet) 6. The blockages are happening because the filament is grinding, and then the PVA burns up in the print core as it can't extrude. In both cases there has been grinding on the filament, but as we've not been there to witness the moment the blockage occurred we can't tell if the grinding was caused by the blockage or the blockage caused by the grinding, if that makes sense. I loosened the tension on the feeder a while ago to resolve another grinding issue. Can anyone shed any light on this? What's the most common cause of blockages on the BB core? Thanks for your help, Hayley
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