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  1. It is 1.75 indeed! I actually don't know what's the base layer speed but I'll try to play with that parameter tonight, thank you very much. I already tried changing printing temps but it didn't change anything sadly Cheers ;-)
  2. Thank you very much for your reply buddy ;-) Normally the printing speed is the same, and is very low (around 30mm/s). Also, I use PLA, but don't to which extent you can consider it flexible, but I think it is not, if you bend it too much it will break. This is the one I use: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PrimaValue-PLA-Filament-1-75mm-Various/dp/B013K82E7K This problem happened one or two times during the real model printing, but it happened way more during the printing of the base layer.
  3. Hi everybody, I've been using a Wanhao Duplicator i3 with Cura for a while now, but I switched to the old cura software to the new one a month ago. It has been long to find the good parameters to have clean prints, but it seemed to work for a few print. Without any changes, all my prints then began to fail, because the filament gets tangled around the motor. I wonder if there is not a cooling problem from the front fan that is supposed to cool the motor.. The temperature would then increase in that pseudo-chamber where the filament gets entrained by the motor. I'm printing with PLA at 210°C, with a heated bed at 50°C. Here is a picture of what is happening: Note: the images don't seem to work so here are the direct links - http://hpics.li/12df93f - http://hpics.li/abe02af <-- gr5 inserted this Do you guys know a solution to that problem? Thank you very much ;-)
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