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  1. Was thinking why does the error still occur when the bed sensor and power on the board is all removed? Is there a way to run the printer without the heated bed? Could do this until l get a solution.
  2. Hi gr5 Thanks for the reply. I do have an EE friend which I think Ill have to speak to. From what you have said this is the location of the temperature sensor to measure the resistance?
  3. Ok, thanks so the PT100 cables measure 4.75 volts. The bed I purchased from eBay listed as UM replacement bed. Your right I don't think it is original ;(. I have the old bed though and If I get this to work I may swap it back.
  4. Hi Torgeir Here is the voltage at the bed. Pic 1 and 2 Im not really sure where I measure the resistance at the "does it show close to 0 ohm when the measuring pins are shorted"? Where is this? Thanks again[/media]
  5. Hi thanks again, When I swap Temp sensors 1 and 3 the error message changes to "Temp Sensor" My feeling is that the error is in the wiring somewhere from the bed to the board. But I can't seem to see any connection problem and there is a 20v at the heated bed. The error is consistent and doesnt change with moving bed around up down or the cable to the bed etc. Perhaps trying a new cable to the bed might help? Cant seem to source one online but will look again. Thank you again
  6. Still no joy with this. All above checked and new PT100 fitted. So: New Board New Heated Bed New PT100 New printer?
  7. Thanks Torgeir, will try your suggestion. Best regards
  8. Hi UM community, So I know this topic has been covered but I can't seem to find an answer to my problem. This is the error I get on my 18 month old UM2: ERROR-Stopped Temp sensor BED There is no warranty left on the printer and it has worked well until now. I have: Fitted a new board Fitted a new heated bed Checked the soldering on the new heated bed and added a bit more (as suggested in some previous replies) Checked all the cables are attached etc. I have a multimeter and have checked the power to the heated bed. (around 20v). My electrical engineering knolwedge is not suffic
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