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  1. I was using and old Cura version, I will try with the most updated software and see if changing those settings help the print. Although I see that the default wall speed in most recent Cura software is at print speed 60 mm/s for the inner and 30 mm/s for the outer wall speed. I wonder why those speeds are set higher in the old software. Thank you!
  2. I am using an Ultimaker 2 printer with the transparent Ultimaker Nylon filament. As a test I was printing a small block with dimensions of 2x3x3cm at 100% infill. What I have noticed is that the inner volume of the block prints fine at any layer thickness (I tested from 0.04 to 0.3 layer thicknesses). As I decrease the layer thickness the quality of the outer surface/perimeter of each layer decreases. I believe the problem is that every time a new layer starts, it prints the outer perimeter of that layer extremely fast compared to when it is printing inside of that layer. This makes the
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