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  1. I was using and old Cura version, I will try with the most updated software and see if changing those settings help the print. Although I see that the default wall speed in most recent Cura software is at print speed 60 mm/s for the inner and 30 mm/s for the outer wall speed. I wonder why those speeds are set higher in the old software. Thank you!
  2. I am using an Ultimaker 2 printer with the transparent Ultimaker Nylon filament. As a test I was printing a small block with dimensions of 2x3x3cm at 100% infill. What I have noticed is that the inner volume of the block prints fine at any layer thickness (I tested from 0.04 to 0.3 layer thicknesses). As I decrease the layer thickness the quality of the outer surface/perimeter of each layer decreases. I believe the problem is that every time a new layer starts, it prints the outer perimeter of that layer extremely fast compared to when it is printing inside of that layer. This makes the nylon filament come out in blobs around the perimeter and not in a smooth extrusion which is seen when it's printing the inner section of the layers. It seems this problem is only fixed by increasing layer thickness, but I want to print at smaller layer thicknesses. What can I do? Is there anyway to change the speed when it is printing the perimeter? (Will be posting pictures of the printed piece in question tomorrow)
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