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  1. Found the problem. The original Ultimaker Filament was just rubbish. Although it was an old roll. The Filament diameter varied between 2..7mm and 3.3 mm. Just got a few new rolls of DasFilament PETG and PLA and the printer works like a charm.
  2. Hey Guys, I am having severe under extrusion issues with my Ultimaker Original with heated bed and dual extruder upgrade and I don't find a reason for them. I bought the printer used and at the beginning it did not have these issues. I am having the under extrusion issue on both extruders. I am using original Ultimaker PLA, I have only one spool left, new material will arive tomorrow. I would say it started since I upgraded to the latest firmware version but I am not sure if that's the reason or if it's just assuming it, because it was in the same time frame. What did I do to find the problem: - increased and decreased the hotend temperature (190°C to 210°C) - check the tension of the extruder spring - clean the knurled bolt - changed knurled bolt between extruders - change the bowden tube - check the couplers - check steps/mm settings - they are @836 steps/mm right now While checking the couplers I found two washers (one on each hotend) between the wooden part and the coupler (see picture). I removed these because I could not find these in the assembly instructions. Any suggestions how I should proceed? Greets Max
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