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  1. Appreciated for response.In additon, i need to adjust height tolerance due to pot wall thickness.There will be difference at vertical axis from printer base and pot ceiling.Extruder must be act like pot ceiling is base level as well.Do you have any idea how i can fix it?
  2. Hello. I am very new with 3d printing and ultimaker printers so realy need some help. I am working on a school project about medical scaffold tissues requiring 3d printing production by Ultimake 2+. I would like to learn if can make as if a glass or pot is centered in base and extruder get recognized it and moves without touching\hitting the glass at base. Main product will be manufacured in this pot due to obtain sterilized part. Therefore printer must perceive pot as its base. I tried to locate main product in the pot using Cura 2.5 but they can not be interacted and automatically seper
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