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  1. Interesting. I'm new to 3d printing, but pretty much everywhere says to run temp calibration towers with every new role of filament. I think the tweakatz post processing scripts are brilliant and have used them a lot recently. But I also have already become tired of inputting the same 10 scripts for every roll, with the same Z height and same temps. I then have to delete them after every temp calibration tower print since if they are there they get used. Its hard to imagine I'm alone in this frustration, but perhaps. How about a checkbox beside each one that if unchecked doesn't get processed. Then they just save with the system like they do currently and no worries. When i want, i open the screen and activate the ones I want to run.
  2. I can confirm the replacement file when placed in the corrected location above now correctly slices with no infill when 0 infill is selected. I still get the wrong temperature separate thread I started, but the infill now is correct
  3. Yes I'm using single extruder based upon Custom FDM Downloaded file, and put in Library/Application Support/cura/2.6/plugins/CuraEngineBackend/ Im on a mac so not sure if location or file is applicable for Mac osx. Had no effect, still shows hollow on screen in Cura platter view, but prints with infill in gcode.
  4. In cura 2.6 I have set my profile to use 0% infill, the infill pattern choice disappears as expected. Slice and print. It prints with infill? Am i doing this wrong? Is there another area to print shell only ?
  5. I have a new 3d delta printer from others, and am using your newest Cura 2.6 release. In slicing a 3dbenchy model and generating the Gcode, it is adding a M104 S200 command in the type:skin section of the first layer. It starts correctly, then jumps the temperature up to 200. I have looked at the Cura settings and can find nowhere do i have 200 set anywhere. Ive checked machine settings, filament, and profiles. Doing a search of the profile for temp lists all the lines that mention temp (love this feature by the way) but none of them have 200 degrees. The issue is reproducible. Hopefully these pic uploads work.
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