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  1. What the hell did you do to Cura... I changed from v3 to 4.5 and nothing works any more, profiles are gone, I cannot get any material working, NOT SUPPORTED everywhere. It is a real mess. I stick with 3.x, it also messes up my materials and does not save own profiles correctly, but at least it works.
  2. I printed this rocket nosecone with ABS, on the MT-Plus board. 2 Parts. It fits hardly into a UM2 Extended, and has no cracks at all. But..you need to encase your UM, without a constant 40-50°C you will not be able to print such large ABS parts.
  3. http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=mtplus or direct: http://www.mtplus.de/Dauerdruckplatte0.html
  4. Oh, and one workaround is there already: https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/127411-desktop-composition-enable-disable.html And there was a fix from M$ called KB4039884 which should fix this. But Microsoft retracted it, it is not available at the moment as it opened up new problems. So either deinstall the buggy update ore activate "Desktop Composition"
  5. It is due to these updates in Windows 7 and Server 2012, after I uninstalled KB4034664 it was gone. Many programs have this problem. Microsoft refuses to fix this to force us into windows 10. Its very annoying, as many people do not know how to fix it. - You need to open control panel, Programs, and find the update KB4034664. - Then remove it. - Windows will reinstall it, so you need to first change your "Windows Update" that it does not install updates automatically (a thing you cannot do in w10..). - Restart windows. - A new search for updates finds KB4034664 again, you need to mark
  6. Ha, I had the same Idea after I came back from a 2-week holiday and had many problems with ABS which collected moisture. I made a small compartment for one spool which has ball bearings and stands free. It works fine, but the thingiverse-part is cool, I think I will print one :-)
  7. In 2.7 it is better, but there are other defects showing:
  8. I have the same problem, see https://ultimaker.com/en/community/50831-strange-defects-in-surface It is in Cura 2.6 and 2.7 Beta the same, also with or without infill. Simplify3d does not show this.
  9. I want to print a test tower with 0.6mm in ABS and detected a lot of suface errors in Cura. 2.6 and 2.7 show the same. Does anyone know how I can prevent these stripes? The same in Simplify3d: No errors:
  10. This is maybe due to a windows update which came out recently, it screws up things when a second monitor is left of the first monitor. Very annoying, I had that too with Office and many other programs. M$ does not solve it so you need to deinstall Update KB4034664 or KB4034679 See also https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/2c0ea396-bec2-4d8e-972f-13f19fc35f9f/multiple-monitors-office-not-refreshing-after-update-installed?forum=winserverTS You have w10? Sad... You cannot remove Updates.
  11. Cura 2.7 beta crashes when I add TweakatZ-Plugin.
  12. I tried it with the Arduino IDE, as Cura dows not work at all when it comes to Firmware updates. Arduino did not work either for me...detects the board, but dows not update. Are there any other options?
  13. For those who want to reliably print ABS, there is a way: Build yourself a housing for für UM2, then you have constant 50°C Temperature inside. With 250° Nozzle and 100° Buildplate temp, and the famous MTPlus-Buildplate material you can print it very easy. No warping at all. And the results are very sturdy and heat resistant, I print model rockets and the ABS has contact to the hot rocket motor without problems. The housing can be made several ways, you find many of them in Youmagine, I made one here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/perfect-fitting-ultimaker-2-cover The MTPlus-Boar
  14. Hello, I printed several small model rocket ufos and encountered a problem I never had before: The surface of the models has lots of long holes. Under the microscope I can see that filament is just missing there: I sliced with Cura latest version. Material is Innofil ABS with 250°, which printed flawless before. Any idea what that is? Could that be moisture? I left the material 3 weeks open in a normal dry room, aprox 50% rel. Hum. there. Louis
  15. My Cura 2.6.2 is totally screwed up now, I cannot get to the material settings in custom mode. I can check the checkmarks, but the settings do not show up. Also, I does not create code for heating up, my printer now starts immediately, without heating up the nozzle. Very weird. I guess this version needs a lot of more work.
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