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  1. Hello, I like to parse the setting in the end of the gcode file. Could you provide with a regexp that can be used to parse the text?
  2. When I get a STL with multiply parts and I split them up I tend to move each part to it's own buildplate so I don't forget to print all and can slice them all one by one
  3. The bar changes color when you do a mouse over. I mean when the drop down with settings get minimized the bar flashes with the mouse over color 2 times
  4. Another layout but. I didn't see that I had plugin settings still enabled as before and when I checked the process plugin screens I see this.
  5. could it minimize by it self on x-ray and you have a pulsing glow where you can click to get the dropdown back again ?
  6. I saw that I could minimize the settings that is nice but it should made easier to see that you can do that. I have 1920 x 1200 resolution Yes, to make the settings window/drop down larger would be nice so you don't need to scroll all the time
  7. Another feedback is to have the list of Print settings (windows/drop down) flexible so you can enlarge it. A expend all settings button as well.
  8. I installed 4.0.0 without uninstalling older versions ( 3.2.0 up too 3.6.0 ) I hade enabled multiply build plates in 3.6.0. The placement is a bit off in 4.0.0
  9. should have tested before asking Case cloased
  10. Hello, I have been googled and I can't find a solution to add a code line before each new layer. Nothing obvious option in the post script plugin. Number 2 is that I want that permanent and not needing to add it for each printout. Why you may ask ? I like the Octolaps plugin in Octoprint and it has some cool ways to take a screenshot but no easy way for each new layer. It has option to take a screenshot on "change in z" but if you have z-hop enabled it will take each time it does a hop an not just for new layer. I like to add SNAP before e
  11. I guess this is answered a million times. I have setup a material with PLA at 200C 60C Bed, retract 1,5 and fan 40. PETg 235C 70C bed, retract 1.5 fan 0 As the default Draft profile need some tweeking I created a profile of my own. The problem I have is that the material settings no longer sets the heat settings. So the pre build profiles works with material settings but not customs one. Why is the same data saved in 2 places ? Is there a way I can edit the build in profiles ? Or make profiles follows the material settings.
  12. @smartavionics I have changed it to 2.4 and now I get a clean look and no extra travels CFDMP_Flower Pot MK II v25_Flower Pot MK II v25_OuterPot_1_Body1_OuterPot.curaproject.3mf Flower Pot MK II v25_Flower Pot MK II v25_OuterPot_1_Body1_OuterPot.stl
  13. @smartavionics Well the walls are 1.2 mm ( I can change that easily with variables in fusion ) Edit: looks like I have calculated the value on radius and not diameter Think this the best I seen so far but I still don't under what's about the right spot. To me it looks like it's going back to fix something it missed but it's not there on all layers. CFDMP_Flower Pot MK II v23_Flower Pot MK II v23_OuterPot_1_Body1_OuterPot.curaproject.3mf
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