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  1. Hey there, we´ve experienced a simillar error and it occurs still and somehow randomly. While Printing our UM3 freezes with the ER15 error in the display. After a look at the monitoring of the print it looks simillar to your posted curve. After Contacting our local support we´ve got a solution from the Database which basically recommended changing the Printcores. But it had no effect on the occuring error. We´ve began to change the signal chain part after part ending up with changed printcores, changed Printhead PCB, changed wiring harnes from Printhed to Motherboard as well as numerous updates to the latest UM3 Firmwares. But still the error occurs randomly. The last possible thing would be to change the Motherboard but is it really nessecary? Is ther no direct support from Ultimaker for problems which are not soluable by the solution Database or the knowledgesources on the website etc.? Hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
  2. Hello, The Situation: last week I printed a relativly big Model on the UM3, using a Polycarbonate Filament. The print lost the adhesion to the buildplate over night. As I came back to the Printer the next day, the PC embraced the Printcore and parts of the printhead. After I managed to rescue the Head and the core I reassembled everything and connected the Head wit the rest of printer and switched it on. After approximately a minute the Error 18 was Displayed. Summarized, the Error says no or no proper communication between Printer and Printhead. Since then, at every boot the Ultimaker logo is shown on the Display, the Printer clicks a few times (which I didn´t notice before the Error, at least not that often) and the Error Code blocks the acces to the UI. Things I already tried: - Turn it on and of again - dis- and reconnect from electricity - dis- and reconnect the head again - check the connection from the wire tree at the Printhead end as well as the end towards the Controller Things I consider: - restore factory condition (but can´t because no access to UI due to the Error code) It would be great if you could help me with this one. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey, I had the same Problem with a model I printed over night on the UM3. I was using Polycarbonate which lost adhesion to the Buildplate (propably due to to much warping over the long printing time). The AA Printcore was covered in PC. I managed to completely dissasemble the Printhead except the parts which were molten together. By using a soldering iron for more precision, removing the PC was possible. I was able to assemble a working Printcore again after the repair with one or two spare parts.
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