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  1. Ok we will discuss tomorrow and we will decide if we are ready to take a small risk and buy printer. Thanks to all for your support
  2. Ok we didn't spoke about the same source. I spoke about firmware source. If full source code is not available yet, the most important points are : - The content of the griffin.nfc.service - The python source code call by the service : griffin.nfc.service - The library used by the python code to communicate with PN532 over I2C Thanks for your support
  3. Hi SandervG We concluded that from your post "Ultimaker files its first patent", because you spoke about source code availability in the "next step" chapter. I understood that we can do a lot of things when we already have the printer. But for a professionnal project, I need to do a feasabilities study before to obtain a green light for the budget. Could you help me and tell me where I can download it, or do you prefer that I post a new subject with my request. Thank you, and my apologies for my english (I'm french)
  4. Concerning firmware sources it seems to be not available yet due to a patent process ! When will it be available because if we want to add ISOB support, we will need it ! And without this point we will need to find an other printer system ! thanks
  5. Avez vous pris des photos du module nfc qui se trouve dans le porte bobine ? vous avez peut être une soudure douteuse qui fait un mauvais contact ce qui expliquerait que a vide ça marche et avec un effort mécanique (poids des bobines) le contact disparaît ! ce serait sympa de mettre les photo qu'on ne soit pas oblige de démonter le notre ! lol
  6. Thanks daid and Marco. Our system is based on ISO14443B protocol with specific command ! it's why we quite sure we will need to develop on printer level to implement it. I read PN532 datasheet and that seems to confirm ISOB availability on hardware level. Our software developper will have a little bit more to do but technicaly everything seems possible ! I already found some forum to read concerning this subject ! https://answers.launchpad.net/nfcpy/+question/267932 Thanks again
  7. One more question ! Do you have some information concerning NFC reader. I need to know if ISO14443B is supported or not ! If you have reader name I can search on the web
  8. Thanks gr5 for your reply. Goal of our studie is to identify filament and to make a web request to offer services to our customer like discount or others (not defined yet) I will check with software developper to validate faisability. Don't hesitate to reply if you have some suggestions or recommendations. Best regards
  9. Hi, For a professional project I need to have specific NFC features on a 3D printer system. After a google search I found the UM3 with most of my requirements. I still have some questions to declare this environment as the golden one ! I'm interested to implement new features with NFC 3rd party tag, and want to know, if I will can implement specifics commands in ISOB protocol at firmware level and also if I can add some menu under Cura ? If yes could you tell me the source code language C, C++ arduino or other. In each case I will not develop by myself but I will ask it to our software
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