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  1. take a look into your C:\Program Files\Cura 2.6\resources\quality folder. close cura and delete any .inst.cfg file (make a backup just in case). restart cura. are the profiles gone? haven't tried it, but it seems plausible that this would work
  2. Dear Ultimaker Community, I bought a 3D printer some time ago. It shipped with a custom branded version of the old Cura software (really quite old). That old Cura version was printing pretty OK, but some aspects where - mildly put - lacking. Because of the much nicer way support material and other things I decided to switch to the newest Cura. I tried to copy the settings from my old Cura to the new one as well as I could and I am really happy with the supports, but the infill is just a big disaster. I tried variations on different settings but it doesn't seem to make a difference. The weird thing about this structure is, that the pillars are very well defined as if the software made them on purpose (I know it didn't). Usually when things go wrong they go terribly wrong, but not here. In any case, the structure is really week and the prints are easy to "squish" while you here the pillars inside breaking.. The only thing I didn't copy was the infill density, because the 20% in the old Cura where spaced much further compared to the new one. So here are all the settings I changed and I think might be relevant: layer height: 0.12mm init. layer height: 0.2mm wall line count: 2 top layer line count: 6 bottom layer line count: 4 infill line distance: 5mm infill pattern: lines infill overlap percentage: 13% printing temp: 200° build plate temp: 60° flow: 110% (used to be 100%, but I thought it might help (it didn't)) retraction distance: 2mm retraction speed 60mm/s print speed: 60mm/s infill speed: 60mm/s outer wall speed: 30mm/s inner wall speed: 60mm/s top/bottom speed: 15mm/s travel speed: 100mm/s init. layer speed: 20mm/s After tons of research I found other people with similar problems and one with exactly the same issue, but nobody was able to find a solution. people where recommending increasing the temp. or reducing the infill speed but i printed with lower temp and higher infill speed with the old version successfully so that can't be it. Also: yes i know that different infill patterns might work but they add another hour to my print and I need to print this another 50 times so speed is quite a big issue. Since the old version could do it with the lines infill I am reluctant to take a more complicated infill.. Thanks for reading thus far and thanks in advance for any suggestions. If more information is required I am happy to serve greetings, Neuron
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