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  1. Does anybody know the xy layer resolution for the Ultimaker3?
  2. Thanks for the info everybody! I didn't want to waste PP on supports, but I guess I have to now.
  3. Is it was possible to print Polypropylene with PVA in the Ultimaker 3? Is this not recommended?
  4. Yeah it doesn't affect the quality of the print so I guess I can live with a crooked frame.
  5. What type of filament are you using? Like kmanstudios said maybe raise the tension. I don't know how many hours you have on your coupler, but you might have to replacement that.
  6. Hello, I have an Ultimaker 2+, but the frame is not level. The front left corner is lifted above the ground about 3 mm. I've placed the printer on a bunch of different leveled surfaces and I still get that one corner lifted up. Any advice on how to resolve this issue?
  7. Hello, I have an Ultimaker 2+ that is uneven and I was wondering how to correct this issue. The front left corner is raised about 3mm. I've put the printer on a level plane just to make sure and it still about 3mm off the ground. Any advice would be appreciated.
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