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  1. Thanks Both for your replies. I un-installed Cura completely including deleting the appdata local and roaming folders. I then tried to reinstall with 2.6.2. However I got the same message I got the previous times I had tried to install it. See below. However this time I ignored it and carried on the installation. Normally this is something I would never do, but I was running out of options. Low and behold everything has started to work fine again. I still can't get it to give me the estimated cost even though I have completed the PLA costings etc, but this is nothing. I am just glad to get back to enjoying my printer rather than working on it. If someone could shed any light on the error message it would be appreciated. Again many thanks for your help. Mark
  2. Thanks ghostkeeper for the reply. Sorry if my description isn't that great, I am new to this and still trying to get to grips with a lot of terms. I did delete the Roaming\Cura folder. The models look to me to be suffering from under-extrusion, but I have the flow set at 100%. I was hoping that someone could confirm that it is an under-extrusion problem. I am assuming that it is a setting problem because I can print previous models fine, and the OK test model is also find. Also as I changed the hot-end back, I am feeling more convinced that it is a setting in Cura that is causing my problems. I just can't think which it would be. I have read a lot of forums and tried various scenarios but no change. I think I will try another complete uninstall and re-install of Cura to see if that will help. Thanks Mark
  3. HI , I am hoping I can get some help here. I changed my hot end to a Micro-Swiss for my Duplicator I3 Plus, prior to this everything was printing great and Cura was doing a great job. However at exactly the same time as changing my hotend, I loaded Cura and it had the update of 2.6.1. So I updated my software and it had a problem installing. So I totally uninstalled the previous version of Cura including all the files in teh Appdata folder and installed the new one. I eventually got it installed by installing it onto my second hard drive. I then gcoded something to test my hotend. The results were terrible. The models were coming out with massive structural problems, very weak and squishy. As I had changed two things I then had to see which was causing me the problems. I initially thought it was my hotend and tested various temperatures etc and changed my PLA even though the previous one was working great. I was still getting the same results. I then change my hot end back to the original brass one. But the results were the same. So I loaded a benchy which had been coded in simplyfy3d and it came out great, (see picture). I loaded the STL into Cura and rather than use my previous default setting, I used one of the predefined ones to make sure it wasn't a setting I had changed. However the results were the same as you can see in the pictures. I am at a loss now and don't know what to do. I don't want to buy the Simplyfy3D software as I can't afford it and Cura was working great for my needs previously. I must have done something but can't think what. Any help would be much appreciated as my initial enjoyment of 3d printing is wearing off as I am spending all my time trying to get this to work rather than design and print things. I have tried reducing print speed, infill speed, changing temperatures etc.
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is a repeat of my last post, I can't see it on the message board so have posted again. I am new to 3D printing but have done my research and finally bought my first printer. I have had a lot of fun and success in printing both my own models and downloaded ones. However since I upgraded to Cura 2.6.1 all my new models are coming out with solid infill only. Here is a button I made for my mixer unit. As you can see it loads into Cura as it should. However when I look at the layers, it has the centre piece as a solid piece. You can see I have infill at only 20%. I also managed to print these out in 2.6 perfectly. This is happening with all my prints now. I uninstalled 2.6.1 including all appdata folders and cleaned my registry. I then reinstalled 2.6 but the same thing is happening. Not sure what is happening here so any advice would be much appreciated. Mark.
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