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  1. please update the mod i hate the new thing. the layer hight display in the preview is behind the print settings like why?
  2. yeah it would probably be something for user friendliness then just something you couldnt do your self
  3. Hey i just watched the 3dprinting nerds video on MRRF and Nerys told us about how he made his giant joel bot and he mentioned that he used bambo sticks to give the model more support so it would move as much the higher it got so i thought instead of using bambo sticks you could use some more or less 3D filament sticks which would help the print to be more stable it would ne to have some mass to it though because other wise it would start to shake as well. so to kind of counter act that i thought that it would be kind of a good idea that the sticks would be tangent to more or less build up they would need to be placed so that the long side would be diagonal to the moving of the building platform. i hope my screenshot kind of shows how i would imagine it. of course im not an expert so i dont know if this idea is in anyway any good or possible. just wanted to put it out there
  4. Cunibon


    hey i have a problem. my pc just had a went out while i was doing something in cura. then when i tried to start it again it said fatal error and deletet all my settings and everything. which would not be a problem if i could use my old profiles but even though i used the exact same settings and machine as last time there is only a window popping up that says its not the same machine. is there some way arround this to get my settings back pls help
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