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  1. hi,I was wondering if there any plan for implementing 3D hatching in cura engine?
  2. Hi all, when i down grade i had no more issues with Wifi, I only have one printer really not sure why it was not connecting. gr5, thanks a lot for suggesting octoprint , i will check it out looks super useful. does it allows you to remote check while printing? Does it allows you to log in to their website and check live your prints progress through the Ultimaker camera ? C
  3. Hi all, hope you can assist me....I am having this issue to connect my Ultimaker 3 to my mac. It only appeared today as yesterday the printer has been working fine. Not sure what is happening. Basically the printer is connected , but when i go to Cura properties / printers it is listed but i can't connect to it. Please refer to Snapshot below to view the issue... I am thinking to try to reinstall Cura maybe downgrade to 3.4 ? (ATM i have latest version 3.4.1) Did any of you had the same issue? Many Many thanks Chiara
  4. hello all, this is really really amazing. Can this run on Mac? Thanks a lot! There's not really an easy documentation. Currently you can only run it by compiling the feature_texture_processing_rebased_newer branch of CuraEngine yourself and running it directly from the command line. Here's an example CuraEngine call:
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