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  1. You *could* customize your printer profile start code to prime the nozzle, but getting it to make a continuous line all the way from the corner to the start of your part might not exactly work out that easily from manually entered Start G-code, and would need to be manually recalculated for the next print job, or even if you change the position slightly of the first part, or the print order changes. You may just need to calibrate the retraction settings for the A8. You might have luck just turning off retractions entirely, although this might result in stringing issues. OR.... You might
  2. I can't read the angle in the screen shot, for some reason the image is very low resolution for me, but I have run into this, or something similar before. It didn't seem to matter what number I put in Infill Line Direction and Cura seemed to just ignore it. When I had a sequence of different line directions, I had previously seen it end up in square brackets for top and bottom line direction, like [0,30,60], and this always worked, so I tried it a sequence of one direction, and that has been reliable for lines, zigzag, grid, and triangle. It might work with the other patterns, too.
  3. I also noticed this in 2.4 and the 2.6 beta. I've gotten into the habit of deleteng the ".curaprofile.3mf" out of the filename every time I save a project to prevent the repeating extensions. It looks like somebody else saw it in 2.4, too. It's in the GitHub issues Cura 2.4: Project's file extension #1485 https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1485
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