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  1. Looking forward to benchmark tests with S3/S5. For experienced users the overview which parameters are different between these new profiles should be helpful. (Better then let us search one by one. 😉) Thank you.
  2. Got the Polysher and going to try PolySmooth on UM3, but I am just curious about the temp experience. Polymaker noted that the proper printing temp is 210 to 230 °C. Will try 210 °C for the start. PS: PolySmooth is based on PVB (polyvinyl butyral), so it's not a PLA. But will use PLA profile as a platform too.
  3. What I have observed, original CPE profiles with original CPE materials on UM3 are TOO overextruded in Cura 2.5/2.6.x. And it's not about the 1st layer, I have big issues described by @geert_2 with CPE in higher layers too. Unfortunately, if I have experimented with lower extrusion, there are visible gaps between walls and infill. So it calls for deeper changes in CPE profile. EDIT: The overextrusion is more then visible on large models (across whole heated bad) with the standard profile for CPE and 50 %. I am trying to do some tests with manual reducing of material flow.
  4. Unfortunately i have the same problem with CPE. More solid layers one on the other look overextrused.
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