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  1. 3.6 stable released! https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/25273-now-available-ultimaker-cura-36-stable/
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback during the 3.6 beta period. Today the stable release of Cura 3.6 will become available on Ultimaker.com at approximately 11am (GMT+1) Below are some of the highlights of this release: Print core CC Red profile. You can now select our new wear-resistant print core CC Red 0.6 when the Ultimaker S5 profile is active. This print core is optimized for use with abrasive materials and composites, and opens up a range of industrial applications. Use it in combination with... The Marketplace. If you haven’t used it before, the Marketplace (formerly the Toolbox) is a platform to add plugins and download material profiles configured and optimized by leading manufacturers. Download profiles for third-party materials, and profiles will sync to your Ultimaker S5 through Wi-Fi in the background when connected to that printer (note that your printer will need firmware 5.1 for this to work). This feature will also work for the UM3 when 5.1 is available (soon!) Gyroid infill. @smartavionics has contributed this fascinating new infill pattern. Gyroid infill alternates with every layer to distribute strength equally in every direction, while keeping print duration and material use to a minimum. You can find a more detailed overview of 3.6 in my blog and in the release notes. Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 here. All feedback is welcome! Put it all in this thread. We are attending Formnext in Frankfurt this week (booth C20 Hall 3.1), so if anyone is in the area please come and say hi!
  3. maht

    Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.5 | Beta

    We've just released a new beta onto the website. More info here:
  4. maht

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    I just uploaded the 3.6 beta onto the website! Feel free to try it out, and don't forget to give us your feedback here:
  5. Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta is available and out in the wild! It comes with new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements. We would really like to have your feedback on it to make our stable release as good as it can be. As always, you can download the beta for free from our website, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A few new things that are new in Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta: Settings refactor. We’ve been working on optimizing the software engine for more stable releases in the future. The CuraEngine has been refactored to create a more testable, future-proof way of storing and representing settings. This makes slicing faster, and future development easier. Gyroid infill. Gyroid infill is a new infill pattern and one of the strongest infill types for a given weight, has strength in multiple directions, and prints relatively fast, with reduced material use and a fully connected part interior. Thanks to @smartavionics for this fantastic contribution. Firmware checker/Ultimaker S5. The update checker now checks when firmware updates are available for the Ultimaker S5, and the code has been improved and tested for more reliable firmware update notifications in Ultimaker Cura. A big thanks to: @smartavionics, @bagel-orb, @ahoeben, adecastilho, KangDroid, kaleidoscopeit, Kriechi, jscurtu, ValentinPitre, stelgenhof, and paukstelis. You are vital to the development and progress of Ultimaker Cura. Want to try it out? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 right here. Need more information? Here is our blog. Please note that this is a beta release, so performance may not be perfect. We encourage you to give us any performance feedback here - this will help us to make the stable release (coming mid-November!) as good as it can be. Let us know what you think below ? Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please tell us!
  6. We recently published this story about using adaptive layers for business (special thanks to @XYZdesign pro for sharing his story). This is a callout to any other users who have adopted Ultimaker to their workflow. Are there any significant time/cost savings that a particular feature in Ultimaker Cura/Cura Connect has afforded you? Feel free to get in touch and share your story.
  7. Today, a new stable Ultimaker 3 firmware will become available. SvG is out of the office, so I will do the firmware post this time Firmware 4.3 mainly contains Cura Connect improvements, but also includes a new accessibility feature for the UM3. It is available for download through the menu on your Ultimaker 3 / Ultimaker 3 Extended. Go to ‘System’ => ‘Maintenance’ => ‘Update firmware’ and select ‘Stable version’. You can also follow this guide to install via USB. The blog post is here. As always, let us know your reactions in this thread. The full release notes, including bug fixes, are below: Embedded Mouse accessibility. To give greater accessibility to users with physical disabilities, a wired USB mouse can be hotplugged into the Ultimaker 3 USB port, as an alternative interface to the Ultimaker 3 button. Moving the mouse in X/Y directions is equal to rotating the button, and a left mouse click is equal to a button click. Cura Connect Extended language support. Improved translations for English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish. Due to lack of community support, Finnish has been removed. Optimized JavaScript bundle.js. The size of the JavaScript bundle.js has been reduced to speed up Cura Connect page loading time. Material color and type. Jobs sliced for generic materials are printable on any grouped printer with a matching material type, regardless of brand or color. This brings the behavior in line with Ultimaker Cura. Manage outside jobs. Jobs started from USB, or reprints after an abort are now manageable from the Cura Connect UI, giving the user more control. Pause, resume and abort. Jobs can be paused, resumed or aborted from within the Cura Connect UI, giving the user more control. Custom confirm dialogs. Default JavaScript dialogs have been replaced with a new popup component, which brings the language, look, and feel in line with Ultimaker Cura. Mobile view. The mobile view has been optimized to show clearly on small screens. Firmware version visible. The firmware version of each printer in a group is now visible on the printer details page, offering a centralized overview for users rolling out firmware updates. Bug fixes Updated tooltips. The tooltip content has been updated to fix spelling errors and clarify messages. Prevent group ‘stealing’. New rules have been implemented to prevent problems caused by adding hosts, or printers already in an existing group, to a new group. Recursive printer groups. New rules have been implemented to prevent manually adding a printer to a group that it is already in. Edge browser IP address formatting. Fixed an issue where Edge browser formatted IP addresses as phone numbers. Sticky reservations. Fixed an issue where rescheduling jobs wouldn’t work after "move to top" or "override configuration" operations. Umlauts in file names. Fixed a bug where umlauts in file names caused crashes.
  8. maht

    Making Time Lapse Videos with the Ultimaker 3

    I had a play with this over the weekend on my UM3, and after some tinkering got it working (Windows 10). Pretty cool! Thanks to unlimitedbacon for your work. Below are some test prints - a 10 hour titanic print, and a 13 hour print of the Dom tower in Utrecht (which I can see from my window). Both in PLA, 0.1 and 0.06 layer height respectively. Theoretically it should be possible to get the script running directly on the olimex board (similar to OctoPrint), which would be good as I wouldn't have to leave my laptop on, but it will take some more tinkering. If anyone has any hints let me know. - Matt
  9. maht

    Firmware 4.1 released

    Hi everyone, The new stable firmware for the Ultimaker 3 has just been released. Be sure to update to improve your 3D printing experience, and add enhanced features to Cura Connect. Some key highlights: New profile for 0.25 mm AA print core New profile for Breakaway, a new dry post-processing support material Fixed a buffer underrun issue that improves print quality on the Ultimaker 3 Extended language support for Cura Connect See the entire update blog post here. Instructions to upgrade your firmware on your Ultimaker 3 can be found here. Be sure to give us your feedback in this thread!
  10. Hi everyone, Yesterday we released the stable version of Ultimaker Cura 3.1. Some of the key feature highlights in this version: A new profile for the 0.25 mm AA print core, a new print core with an extra fine line width for high detail surface finishes. A new profile for Breakaway, a new dry post processing material which can be quickly and easily removed. An enhanced Layer view - see a live simulation of the printing strategy with colored representation of the feedrate, for a more informed printing workflow. Quick camera controls - quickly and easily reposition the camera view using toolbar buttons. Increased speed - faster response times when processing, changing printers, or profiles. Compatibility with HP 3D Scan Pro 5. You can see our complete update blog post here. Please feel free to give us your feedback about the stable release in this thread.
  11. maht

    Cura 2.7 | Beta

    This is a good idea and something we have definitely considered, but given the frequency of updates and the weight of resources it requires, might be better to do for each stable release rather than beta. I will certainly pass on the idea though.
  12. A correction! Previously I had written the crushed can was designed by Tim Kuipers - I would like to correct this, it was actually designed and textured by Beerend Groot.
  13. Version 1.0


    This is an example of a grayscale print that can be achieved with an unmodified Ultimaker 3. This was designed and textured by Beerend Groot. Greyscale printing is achieved using a technique known as linear halftoning. With most 3D prints, you are limited to monochrome, but this allows you to print items in two colors, giving an item enhanced depth, definition, and realism when compared to a monochrome print. I have written an article about it here. The feature is not implemented properly in to Cura at this time, but there are instructions of how to test it (for experienced users!) instructions for this and a discussion on the forum can be found here.

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