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  1. Hi everyone, Yesterday Ultimaker Cura 4.3 was released publicly. We'd love to hear what you think, so let us know here. Find out about more features in the blog. Reporting bugs Bugs (that are clearly bugs) are best posted on our GitHub issues page. Talking about "This isn't doing what I want it to do" is perfectly okay in the forum, right here. When reporting a bug, please fill in the issue template and provide logs. We hope you enjoy this release!
  2. Hi everyone! Today we made the latest beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.3 available. This release opens up support for new 3D file formats, and adds some ease-of-use additions to make object orientation quicker and easier. Shoutout to vgribinchuk, trouch, and smartavionics, and all the other contributors to this release. Check out some key features in the blog, or download it now and try it out for yourself. Our developers are monitoring this thread, so give us your feedback here and we'll try to implement it into the stable release in two weeks. Reporting bugs Bugs (that are clearly bugs) are best posted on our GitHub issues page. Talking about "This isn't doing what I want it to do" is perfectly okay in the forum, right here. When reporting a bug, please fill in the issue template and provide logs. We hope you enjoy this release!
  3. Hi everyone! Today we've dropped the stable release of Ultimaker Cura 4.2. Thanks for your helpful feedback during the beta phase. Some notable features of this release: Orthographic view. A new orthographic view brings Ultimaker Cura more in-line with many popular CAD design packages, so you can easily compare the dimensions of your model before you invest time into a print. Find the new view in View > Camera view > Orthographic. Layer view line type. The line type color scheme in the layer view has been tweaked with new colors for infill and support interfaces so that they can be distinguished better. Infill lines now show as orange, and support interfaces are distinguished from regular support with a distinct shade of blue. Nozzle switch prime distance. Certain materials “ooze” more than others during retraction and long moves. vgribinchuk has contributed a new setting that lets you finetune the restart distance, so that the full extrusion width is achieved when resuming a print. Smart Z seam. A new option to increase the aesthetic quality of your prints has been added to custom mode, under Z seam settings. Smart Z seam works by analyzing your model’s geometry and automatically choosing when to hide or expose the seam, so that visible seams on outer walls are kept to a minimum. Read all about it This release has received internal QA testing as well as a two-week public beta, but if you should encounter bugs, the best place to report them is on GitHub (please follow the issue template and provide logs so that our developers can help you more effectively). We hope you enjoy this release!
  4. Ultimaker Cura 4.2 beta is now available. Check out the blog for some feature highlights, or download it now to discover what’s new. During the beta phase, user feedback is really valuable to us, and our developers are on hand to answer any queries you have. Feel free to tell us what you like, and please report any bugs you encounter so that they can stabilize the next release. We’ve hosted the beta version on GitHub for now. This is because our product pages have just switched over to a new platform. We’re working to reimplement beta hosting on the product page eventually. Reporting bugs Bugs (that are clearly bugs) are best posted on our GitHub issues page. Talking about "This isn't doing what I want it to do" is perfectly okay in the forum, right here. When reporting a bug, please fill in the issue template and provide logs. We hope you enjoy this release!
  5. Thanks for all your feedback during the beta phase. We've just launched the stable release on Ultimaker.com. Some notable features in this release: - Add separate brims to prime towers - Drag and reposition panels everywhere in the interface - A new gyroid support pattern contributed by @smartavionics Check out the blog here. Download now and give us your feedback in this thread! Thanks all!
  6. We’ve just released a beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.1, and we’ve added some improvements based on your feedback: - Collapsible panels introduced in the new interface are now completely draggable and can be positioned anywhere on the screen - Badge notifications have been added to the Ultimaker Marketplace so you know when your packages need to be updated - You can now add separate brims to prime towers - We’ve also made some stability fixes with the monitor page Find the update blog here: https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52884-try-new-3d-printing-software-features-in-ultimaker-cura-41-beta Help us out by downloading today, testing, and logging any feedback in this thread or on GitHub for us to integrate into the stable release. ***** Firmware 5.2 hotfix update! In other news, we released a hotfix firmware that addresses issues encountered in the firmware 5.2 release. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we’ve been investigating the issues that some of you reported. Download the hotfix here: ultimaker.com/firmware
  7. It’s unfortunate to see this release has been causing issues for some users. Reported issues, including the ones in this thread have been all been noted and our firmware team is working on solutions as a priority. A hotfix is being prepared that we will release in the upcoming days. So far, the contents of this will include: A fix for updating when the printer has no network connection Extrusion issues with X/Y calibration procedure Correcting incorrect screen orientation after reboot
  8. The stable release is now out! To update via the network, first go to the 'stepping stone' version, and then upgrade from there. Thanks for all your help testing.
  9. Greetings! We’ve just released a new stable firmware for the Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker 3 (Extended). Use your Ultimaker printer with Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and an Ultimaker account, and you can make use of the remote ‘cloud’ printing feature. This lets you print from outside the realms of your local network with an Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker S5 via your Ultimaker account. There are also some other features detailed in the blog. This release also introduces unified firmware, which makes it easier for our embedded team to support releases for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 together. Because of this, the installation process is a little different this time around. First, install the ‘stepping stone firmware’. When this is installed, update your firmware again to get to the latest version. For our S5 beta testers, you will also need to follow this process. Update instructions and release notes can be found here . When your printer is running firmware 5.2.8, you will be able to use the same .swu package for the UM3 and UMS5 to update firmware in future, reducing the risk of bricking your printer. Feel free to offer any feedback or comments in this thread.
  10. The stable release is now out in the wild. Let us know what you think.
  11. Another cross post. We released 4.0 stable today.
  12. After an extended beta period, we now present the stable release of Ultimaker Cura 4.0. A big thanks to our beta testers who gave us valuable information and suggestions during the beta phase. Ultimaker Cura 4.0 is mainly focused on the improved user interface and cloud integration. Find the update blog here, and for more in-depth detail of what’s new, find the release notes here. Or just dive in and download it here. As always, we want to collect your user feedback for this release. If there are any improvements you can think of, feel free to mention it here and help us to shape the next release. Please note: Most cloud features are fully functional, but we are making some final tweaks to the stable release of firmware 5.2 for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5, which will become available in the next few days. This will enable remote printing with your Ultimaker account.
  13. This is a bit of an unusual case for us as we generally will only do 1 beta per release, and the website architecture only allows 1 beta at a time. Some new stuff is in the works on this front, but I don't expect we'll make a habit of multi-beta releases. Good spot on the date - I've updated that. Apologies for any confusion.
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