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  1. I wouldn't know where to start correcting the files as they are ones I've bought on a site. But thanks for the info on the Preferences, I'll try that out and see if that resolves it. To make sure I wasn't losing the plot I even printed something using the old version last night and it was fine.
  2. I've been using CURA V15 and decided to move over to V2.6. I've just printed a file that I have printed using V15 with no issues at all and it appears to be missing the bottom few MM of the job. I'm using an Omega I3 (Any Cubic I3) Anyone help me out with this, I've only had the printer a few weeks so it's been a slow and somewhat painful learning curve, but It can't be anything major causing it. Hopefully :/
  3. Okay I'll state from the off, I'm really new to 3D printing so if you give me hints, tips, suggestions help me out by saying what area as it saves me ages going where the heck is that I just moved from a very old version of CURA to the new 2.6 and when I printed something I've printed a few times the bottom say 1-2mm is missing. It's not that its spread all over the place, it's almost like the software decided to print from a few lines up. I have no idea why though. I'm guessing that something in the settings isn't right. But as it has way more setting than before I have no idea where to even start. The bed is level and prints out fine as well. If it helps I'm using an Omega I3 (AnyCubic I3 Mega).
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