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  1. I was wondering...is there a default acceleration and jerk setting that Cura sets up in the G-Code if you leave them undefined? I ask because I use both Cura and Simplify3D...I noticed that my Cura prints have a better finish than my Simplify3D prints but that modifying my acceleration and jerk settings in the printer itself helped my Simplify3D prints quite a bit but didn't do a thing for my Cura prints of the same object. So it seems like maybe Cura is defaulting acceleration and jerk to lower values to get better prints.
  2. I've made several changes since the original post...upped the heat to 220 degrees, slowed down the print to 40mm/s, took out the z-hop I had, and lowered the layer height to .15. These all helped but the problem isn't gone. There are less thin sections but still several holes. When I watched the print a few times it seemed like the extruder was stopping about .5mm short of the start point when hopping to a new start point. I have a feeling this is where the holes are coming from.
  3. In layer view only the 1st layer shows internal structure...which is probably why it prints that way too. I haven't been able to figure out how to get the interior structures to show in layer view.
  4. Huh? What's a G92 Z? I did a 1 wall heat test and flow test and came out with 210 degrees and 105-110% flow for best layer adhesion. Pretty close to the same settings I have been settling on with Cura 15.4. Except for the travel speed. I'm not sure my Anet A8 is capable of those speeds. I've tried up to 150mm/s and it doesn't seem to be going any faster than at the lower settings. Mine is direct drive also. I've tried from a .5mm retraction distance all the way up to a 20mm retraction distance and still have the same amount of stringing. Wouldn't you want a faster ret
  5. [/media-thumb]Hi all, I've been trying to find a solution to this all over the place but no one seems to have the right answer yet. I'm printing a rc model Spitfire from 3d LabsPrint and having an issue. Using Cura 15.04 as the settings provided by 3d LabsPrint are for that version, the outer skin of the plane prints nicely but I end up with gaps in the print on the inner structure pieces. When I watch the printer closely it appears to be the gaps are from where the printer has a retraction and moves to or from that place. There is an oval shaped tunnel in the wing for the servo wire to g
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