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  1. @nallath also on the UM3 ? How can I force Cura to do it ?
  2. Any updates regarding new material profiles on the printer? My UM3 is running firmware version 5.2. I don't see the point in material profiles in Cura if I can't send them to my printer (need to always manually override). Thanks
  3. In my opinion the errors/strange phenomenon is related to pressure changes in the nozzle. Some people use this effect quite artistically to paint pictures on objects. In the community it's known as velocity painting. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdKaKKeyz7g&amp;t=435s <- recent video explaining it. Different filament do show this effect more some less. Ultimaker uses quite a lot of different speed changes and velocity to reduce effects like ringing. I think on the S5 even more than on the UM3 as it is bigger. I would cross out the 2nd extruder as the cause of this problem.
  4. Does anyone know a UM reseller who sells the S5 feeder or parts individually? The UM reseller I talked to said that they can't sell the S5 feeder or parts individually. Maybe @fbrc8-erin knows more about this?
  5. Don't want to hijack this topic, but does the new fimware also contain something else besides though PLA ?
  6. Yes this would be great! I mean the settings are already saved why not the 3d models also ?
  7. Great! Thanks for keeping us posted/updated @Daid ?
  8. It doesn't prevent me from reading the full message, but it causes alot of scrolling which can get annoying for 2+ replies in the thread. If you look at the mails it's most of the time 5% reply and 95% other information. ( maybe a bit exaggerated ? but you get what I mean) I personally would prefer it if you would remove them again. I understand you intention, but those mails are IMHO for replies to threads which I choose to follow. The high value content could be send via weekly/monthly newsletter, which everyone can decide on recieving. You could translate
  9. Yes they are. I tried to say that most other slicers, I think, don't differentiate between skin and walls like Cura and they just call them outlines,shells or skin. Therefore my confusion. Thanks for explaining the Cura specifics! Do you know why it's useful to have skins and walls separate instead of just using one setting to specify how many outlines the printed object should have?
  10. @SandervG May it be possible to remove the added "you might also be interested in..." section you recently added to the e-mail notification? It was actually quite nice to be able to read all the post via mail client while on the go, but with this added section at the bottom it's a bit of a pain to read especially on smartphones:
  11. May I ask whats the difference between skin and walls? It's a bit confusing why Cura has outer walls, inner walls and skin and each has a bazillion settings (overlap, extra skin...). Other Slicers most of the time only have walls or outline or skin.
  12. Thanks @smartavionics for spending time debugging existing features and making Cura more predictable! ?
  13. You should be able to get rid of the drag lines by changing "combing mode" to "no skin". It may sometimes not work as the "combing mode" isn't completely bug free, I think.
  14. Great that you spotted this "wrong" behaviour @mechamecha and also reported it with a guide to reproduce! I will link @ctbeke as he worked on the adaptive layer feature. Maybe it's an easy fix.
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