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  1. cjs

    Lines in first layer

    Thanks @smartavionics for spending time debugging existing features and making Cura more predictable! 🙂
  2. cjs

    Lines in first layer

    You should be able to get rid of the drag lines by changing "combing mode" to "no skin". It may sometimes not work as the "combing mode" isn't completely bug free, I think.
  3. Great that you spotted this "wrong" behaviour @mechamecha and also reported it with a guide to reproduce! I will link @ctbeke as he worked on the adaptive layer feature. Maybe it's an easy fix.
  4. @mechamecha Do you set your top thickness as mm or as layer count?
  5. Are you guys looking into using 3d printed parts (SLS, Clip technology by carbon3d....) instead of injection molded ones? Allowing you to adjust even quicker. What are the drawbacks keeping you from doing so?
  6. What are the challenges with the new aluminium build plates? I heared that they were delayed because of issues in the supplie chain.
  7. Can you share one or two improvements, which have reduced the assembly time, as from looking at it you would guess everything is pretty much the same?
  8. @SandervG do you only have blue Ultimaker shirts as work clothing? So your workers can choose to there taste, preference, liking 😂
  9. How do you deal with the demand? Reading interviews etc. the demand for Ultimaker printers is rapidly growing. Having to teach each assembly worker probably is a bottle neck?!
  10. Out of curiosity. Whats the average assembly time of an UM2go/UM2+/UM3/S5? Which model can be assembled the quickest? Whats the deciding factor? My guess would be that the time to assemble an UM3 and S5 would be similiar.
  11. Another question of mine would be what scheme dfo you use for the assembly of your printers. Does each person assemble one complete unit or does each person assemble a specific part. Do people move through the manufacturing facility or do they stay at there desk ?
  12. Why does Ultimaker not reuse for example the build platform from the UM3 on the UM2+ series? To me this would make sense as you would only need to stock, source and assemble one build platform. Maybe I'm missing something or there is some good reason to not do it?!
  13. cjs

    Optimize Cura for smaller screens

    Good point. Didn't think about that. I might try to create a mockup of the black version to compare it as it is hard to imagine how it may fit in. Maybe a UI/UX designer from Ultimaker can help us / has some Ideas to make it look more inline. I think this could be worked out, but for the time being I agree it's best to not change it. What do you mean by hamburger-style menu dropdown? Different Idea: What about putting the dropdown into the dropdown next to the search or maybe into cura preferences next to the dark theme?
  14. I had the same problem. Probably a bug in Cura connect which is hard to track down. Somewhere in the maintance menu there is an option to reset Cura connect. This solved the problem for me.
  15. Thanks for looking into it @Marco_TvM 🙂 May I ask what PO stands for 🙈😅

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