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  1. Of course, plugins are in the Marketplace! And I looked under "Settings", "Preferences" and "Extensions". Silly me... I had that plugin deactivated in the old 2.x version I had installed. After updating to the current version it was back. And if I deactivate it from within the program I first have to let it mess up my fan controller. So killing the plugin directory is "better" because it prevents cura from messing with my fan controller in the first place.
  2. Here we go again. More than 1 year later, same problem. I just deleted the USBPrinting subfolder in the Plugin directory to get rid of it. I am sure it will be back after an update. Can you please, PLEASE add a sanity check for your USB communication? I am sure you already have tons of "profiles" for all kinds of printers - just add a check if you are talking to a known printer or an unknown device. Then ask the user "Hey, we couldn't figure your printer out, are you sure we should send random commands to this device?"
  3. Thank you! I never would have thought that USB was just a plugin. I still think it's weird that the USB autodetection affects unrelated devices. On the other hand there are probably not many people out there with something like that fan controller still in active service.
  4. First of all I want to say I really like the software, and I hope I can reinstall it in the future. To do so I would request an option (maybe a commandline switch) to completely disable all USB features (autodetect, printing, everything else...), so all communication with the printer would be via SD-card. Currently I can't use Cura, because whenever I start it it seems to run its autodetect feature to look for printers. The problem with this is that I have a (very old) fan controller which is connected to my PC via USB, using an FTDI USB to serial chip (i.e. something very similar to the co
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