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  1. Cool, thats awesome! I have no idea how this open source programming, github things work. As ive read they seem to have it solved and are ready to go. Is it possible - for a non python able person - to already use their new version?
  2. Hi guys. question or suggestion... In the old cura versions ~15.04ish there has been the option: "Initial Layer Line width" which was great regarding adhesion problems. As you can tweak almost anything right now but this. Will this feature be reimplemented in the future? The "Top/Bottom linewidth" is a different feature and doesn't affect the shell line width of the initial layer. Cheers Tobi
  3. My printer (no UM) wont print a raft without the fans on. Trying to archieve this i ticked every button in Cura to get them running. Still Cura gives a M107 command (which means "fans off") in between each layer of the raft in gcode. What am i missing? Thanks in advance Tobi
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