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  1. Hi thanks for the reply I tried adjusting the micro stepping via pronterface using gcode m350 command is that right? m350 x16 y16 nothing changed. i still get the head moving to 50mm on xy axis when i hit the red target button in pronterface.
  2. Hi all. I have just finished assembling a UM2 extended+ the machines inability to bed level is driving me nuts. when the head moves to level the bed instead of moving to the limits of the bed it treats the bed like its a quarter of its size, when it moves to the second leveling position on the right it moves to the middle of the bed. and prints 25% of the size. What am i doing wrong? ive set cura machine settings to the correct bed size, but if i cant level when i first switch on correctly what can i do? ive searched everywhere for an answer i tried all day yesterday, but its findin the
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