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  1. It has been happening with the last 3 spools. I Have a hard time believeing that I got 3 bad spools in a row. As for the cleaning is there really any way to clean it for this issue? I looked at how to clean the printer cores and its all for if they are clogged.
  2. I have the material that is open stored in a dry box with descant. But the material i am using to do these prints is straight out of the box and their vacuum sealed packs. I pull them out and put them right on the printer and start printing with it.
  3. We have recently purchased a 3 Extended to run one of our production parts on. The part we are running is a two color part. We are using black nylon(most of the part is made from this) for one of the colors and white PLA for the other. In the last week or so we have all of the sudden been having issues with he part sticking to the print plate. Ever time i would pull it up i would notice something that looked like oil on the plate. I would clean it and reset it and then try again. But today when I noticed the print had failed There was just a puddle of oil where the nylon purge should be and another one were the print normally starts. See Pictures. The parts are big and take about a half a spool to do and about 2 days to run and we have been running them pretty much non stop for a month. I'm printing it at 255c and the build plate is set to 60c. Is this just a common issue after so many prints? Do i need to adjust my printing temps? Do I just need to clean it? Any input would be helpful. [/media]
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