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  1. Hello all. I recently obtained one of the PVA BB solex hardcores for my UM3. I also upgraded to the DDG Bondtech extruders (for extruder 1 and 2). For whatever reason, after installing the BB hardcore the PVA filament extrudes the prime blob just fine (and when I first load the material) but then extrudes little to no filament when the print begins. The extruder also starts clicking as it tries to extrude the filament. With the regular Ultimaker BB core there is no issue. Does anyone know what the cause and a fix might be? I don’t know if maybe there’s a change in settings required. I
  2. Thank you, this worked for me. I was able to re-image the Olimex board myself using my microSD card and files that my reseller sent me. I then upgraded to the latest firmware, redid my calibrations, and everything was back to normal.
  3. When the printhead on my Ultimaker 3 is homing the x position, it hits the x limit switch but goes slightly beyond it and crashes into the housing. It then vibrates before moving away from the wall. Is there a fix or calibration that can solve this? I just did a factory reset by plugging a microSD card into my Olimex board (because of a frozen screen). Before this, the crashing would happen every now and then but now it is happening every time I try to load a new material for example. When the printhead moves directly toward the corner and hits the switches, there is no problem, but when
  4. SeanTapscott - That's great to hear! How did you stop and start the "griffin.hmi.service?" Does the printer have to still be connected to the internet in order to do so?
  5. I'm having this exact same issue. Is there a resolution yet? Is there a way to flash the firmware or otherwise reset the system?
  6. Hello all, It seems that after resuming after a pause initiated with the Pause at Height post-processing function that the print head shifts slightly to the right, therefore ruining the print. I'm currently using Cura 2.6.2 but the issue was also there in 2.5. Has anyone else experienced it? Is there a fix for it? Thanks, Brandon
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