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  1. Hi, I am trying to rotate an object before slicing using CuraEngine. However, if i try to rotate 180 degrees (-s mesh_rotation_matrix="[[1,0,0],[0,-1,0],[0,0,-1]]") slicing fails. Without rotation slicing works as expected Snippet of the output: " Progress:inset+skin:1:1 0.276473% Layer count: 1 Progress: inset+skin accomplished in 0.000s Starting support... Removing 1 layers because they are empty Stopping process because there are no non-empty layers. Progress: support accomplished in 0.000s Starting export... ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:6666 ;Filament used: 0m " Is there anyone who has an idea what I'm doing wrong. Or is this a bug in CuraEngine?
  2. Hi, I did not succeed so far in retrieving identical information from the Cura windows application and CuraEngine and would appreciate some help. I using CuraEngine 2.4.0 (git clone https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine.git && git checkout 2.4.0). And the windows version 2.4.0 from Cura. I use the CuraEngine to retrieve slicing information like print time and amount of filament used for .stl files. I copied the definition files from C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\definitions and C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\extruders to the directory /var/tmp/curadef to be used by CuraEngine. I copied the settings from the cura.log file (...\AppData\Local\cura). I used the printer definition fdmprinter.def.json (as in the connect line in cura.log) In the Cura windows application I selected a custom FDM printer with default values Are all settings in the cura.log and the printer files? What settings am I missing? How can I find those settings from the Cura windows app?
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