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  1. @rman45 and @gr5 Just for the record; I was only querying about the required changes to enable the plugin, not the (code of the ) plugin itself. I maybe was a bit naive in formulating my request :)
  2. If the firewall is off and developer mode is on, it's (still) possible to SSH to the printer. Or do I misunderstand your question? Marlin is Open Source. AFAIK you're able to request the source. I'm not familiar with the process myself (who to ask/where to request) but I'll ask around. Goes without saying that Ultimaker cannot/no longer provide any guarantees when using a custom Marlin implementation. FYI: I'm one of the developers of Ultimaker. Relatively new to the online community, though.
  3. Hi @rman45 I'm curious about the changes that are required to make your plugin work. If Ultimaker would implement those for you, we could maybe save you a lot of uncertainties. I'd also like to know which API you are referring to, that you want to use. To make absolutely sure; this is not a promise, I'm just curious what would need to be changed where. By the way: the 'Olimex' part, the software that runs on Debian, is closed source.
  4. @VerveDesign We are currently looking into the issue you posted, regarding the endless wait after a print has finished. I have a quick question, if this is a possibility for you to do at the moment, or maybe you've already tried this, please try this: unload and remove materials from the material station. reboot (fully disconnect from the power source) load the desired materials in the material station again. After doing this and starting a print, do you still suffer from the endless wait? On a different note: if you are able to remember, could you provide any more information what you've done with the printer before you started suffering from the endless waiting? We're particularly curious if you've installed a firmware update with material loaded in the bowden-tube? We'd like to thank you for your input, we've managed to track down a few possible causes and are working on fixing this. We hope we've (dis)covered the one you're currently experiencing.
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