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  1. The main problem is that we are experiencing no 3D printing for almost one month because of a non tested firmware. We paid five times the price of a relieable 3D printer without getting any feedback on how to fix the bugs except unmounting the whole printer (which kills the warranty). And now we should be thankful to the busy engineers who tell us to be patient although we are patiently waiting for a reliable long-awaited solution. Anyway ultimaker workers are not responsible for the situation. I am quite thankful to the these engineers who joined the forum. I personnally blame the Ultimaker leaders for the mess they created with their lack of communication.
  2. Apparently the new firmware has only affected 1% of the UM users. Could we hear from the mute 99% that were not affected?
  3. Nothing printed successfully since the firmware update. Time flies fast, you know... I am truly disappointed by the lack of interest shown by the UM team. Releasing an unstable firmware, letting the suppliers and moderators (working outside UM) deal with unhappy customers without providing any solutions; this isn't an appropriate behaviour for a high rated company. Personally I won't send mu UM3 to my French supplier to have the firmware downgraded. This would cost me way to much to fix a problem I didn't create myself. Anyway more and more people around me want to try 3D printing. Don't rely on me to promote UM products as I don't trust their seriousness and efficiency any more. One of the so-called 1% customers affected by the disastrous firmware update.
  4. Also waiting for a new stable firmware. Until then my UM3 is unusable. I hope Ultimaker is really working on it...
  5. After 7 months and more than 2000 hours use, I recently experienced a similar horrible printhead clog with PETG which is unbelievably hard to remove. That jam damaged the printhead as well as one of the printcores. I contacted my local reseller, and bought a new print head to replace the damaged one. I firstly recalibrated the printer. The first prints were perfect. So after two days I tried to print overnight but I had to face the same experience with the new print head (dead also). Please dont tell it is normal because, obviously it is not. I am quite disappointed by Ultimaker by now. I don’t trust the printer anymore. I doubt the printer is still reliable. It cost me two printheads and three printcores in two weeks….
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