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  1. I have not measured the filament diameter, but I have never had any problems with feeding the MakerShaper filament into the print head. Whatever the acutual tolerance is, it is sufficient for a 2.85mm machine.
  2. Thanks everyone, all of this has been very helpful!!!
  3. I think I will look into doing this, is there anything in particular that I should research? Can you give me a topic other than 'VPN connecting networks' to look up?
  4. What do you mean by setting up a VPN connection to your printer's network, how would that help?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I think I will try that.
  6. MakerShaper makes som FANRASTIC PLA and TPU for a great price if you are looking for quality affordable filament. https://www.makeshaper.com/
  7. For some filaments (PVA & nylon in particular) one of the best ways to dehydrate the filaments if they become too humid is by putting them in the oven at 170 degrees F for approx. 6 hrs. But is this safe? I put the nylon filament in the same oven that I cook pizza in, so is my pizza in any way contaminated with nylon? Thx for the feedback, Baird Bankovic
  8. Thx a lot, I think I will try this out!!
  9. What kind of printer is this, is it an Ultimaker?
  10. I had this same problem with my old RoboR1 printer, it turned out that my material flow was slightly too high, maybe try making the material flow slightly less than what is now.
  11. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to view and connect to your Ultimaker 3 from anywhere in the world! I do not like how the limited Ultimaker app is especially limited because it has to be connected to the same network that the Ultimaker 3 is connected to, I wish there was a way to connect the my Ultimaker through any wireless connection. To my knowledge, this is not currently possible without hardware modifications (for instance, adding Octoprint), but I may be wrong. If anyone knows a way of contacting the Ultimaker 3 from a network other than the network that the Ultimaker is connected to,
  12. As far as I know, the Ultimaker 3 products are not compatible with S3D, only Cura. S3D uses some different underlying scripts that S3D does not support at the moment, so to fully take advantage of the beautiful hardware of the UM3, I would recommend Cura. And about your PVA, try moving the spool arround, and then try to put the PLA on extruder 2 and see if it detects the PLA. I am just trying to diagnose the problem.
  13. That didn't work, I still got the same issue.????
  14. Hello, so I have an idea to save the amount of PVA that is used to print supports without compromising any quality! Last time I checked, PVA is significantly cheaper than a main material like PLA. What if you printed only the bottom and top of the support column in PVA, and print the tall, wasteful part in PLA. I this way, you can through the print in a bucket of water, and the PLA column of support will break free from the part after the PVA on the top and bottom of the part dissolve away. Does anyone know how to do something like that, I would imagine that you would need to manipulate th
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