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  1. I can confirm I'm having the same bug. My printer is a Dagoma Discovery 200. An old model from a french startup that has a "small" flaw in it's design : it has one fan for cooling both the part and the hotend. It's a PLA only printer, so it's not a problem to blow on the plastic all the time. But when the fan is shut down (M107) the heatsink on the ED3V6 hotend became hot, the heatbreak doesn't do it's job and plastic get stuck in the hotend, resulting in failed prints. And Cura 2.6.1 is setting the fan off when printing raft, even with the parameters to set a fan speed during raft is put to some value that makes sense. I'm currently editing gcode by hand to prevent this so that I don't have failed prints all the time, but it's a bit annoying ^^" Where do we reports bugs, on theses forums, or on the Cura GitHub page?
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