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  1. Thanks for that. I will keep an eye on my prints to see if that helps.
  2. Yes. Thanks JCD. I appreciate you going to all the trouble. I think you have it now. Any A8 user will appreciate the additions. I didn't notice any differences in our settings that would cause this problem. Although I print at very high quality, .1 and also 35% infill is my standard. It is not uncommon for me to have a print that takes 4-5 days to finish. It makes me a better Fusion 360 user because I hate to have to reprint stuff! Thanks again!
  3. I had to go back to my original profile. I tried printing a small part with yours. Here is what happened.. I got the word Impression... on the screen right away when I hit print. Then it started printing before extruder heat or bed heat came up. I don't understand how that is possible with our printers being the same.
  4. Yup, that fixed it. THANKS! So do you know how this works? By selecting A8 #2 in my case, with the new profiles, did I also get your settings as well?
  5. That allowed me to choose the new A8 printer, but the stl file is not active for the A8. How do you activate the background stl?
  6. I do not have them listed. Was there supposed to be something in the definitions folder in your .rar?
  7. Where you say "choose to Create a New Printer", I do not see that option. If you meant Settings/Printer/Add Printer I have no Anet options after adding the files.
  8. JCD can I get your actual settings so I can compare what I have? Very good work! Thanks for that!
  9. Please do keep working on the html concept. Even if we could just get a comma delimited text dump, I took a Java 101 class at the local college, maybe we could figure out how to pretty it up later. If you ever need someone who learned to program Alice, I am your man! LOL! Thanks for doing this.
  10. JCD, I would like to get that A8 stl file you mentioned earlier. "Otherwise if you want a smarter working space, I made an stl file to put in the Cura folder, to have a picture of the printer on the cube where cura put the models (like the ones existing for the ultimaker printers)" I could use that. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys! Getting in on this late, but want to say how wonderful the program is and how much we appreciate it. As an Anet A8 user, I have three of them that run 24/7 for the past two years, I run into little things that are just wrong in the way the prints come out, so I go to different A8 forums and others want me to give them my profile so we can compare settings. Here is my argument for pushing this to a higher priority... We can stop bothering you with the little crap if we can compare our settings readily. Right now I am perplexed with the problem that has existed all along with concentric
  12. Kman, my hope is the Team is already paying attention to this (why I posted). Two issues that need looking at by them.. 1) We desperately need a way to print the settings out to a text file so we can share our settings easier. If we had that, we could save them a lot of time because we could compare between users and fix a lot of silly things before ever involving them. Who knows, this may be one of them, but its like pulling teeth to get anyone to share their settings because of how hard it is. 2) The top and bottom layers should be different from the infill. 6 concent
  13. The problem happens on all three Anet A8s and all of the time. Some prints are better than others, but no, I cant pin it down to a specific machine. One uses Ramps 1.4 with adjustable stepper controller current. I have tried that route to no avail. I change my nozzle and feeder screws regularly as they need it. I am very meticulous in making sure everything is in perfect working order. I oil the system once a week since they run 24/7. I use a good PLA and have tried PLA from other vendors and this made no difference. I use the latest Marlin firmware and OctoPrint for moving my files remotely.
  14. With that in mind and knowing how the manufacturer didn't step up, let me know if there is anything you need. Anything at all, I will jump right on getting you whatever is available. I am sure there are others who feel the same way.
  15. Thanks. I will try this. Also, you can see all of my parameters here. If anything sticks out other than what you have already observed, let me know! ? http://devestechnet.com/NewTech/HeatBed
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