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  1. my bed temperature is 60, and nozzle printcore temperature is 220. Line width 0.69, line height 0.13... I use simplify to have more printing speed.
  2. Hi, As you can see, I need more material to have a good first layer. I add more material with extrusion multplier up to 1.1 but it doesnt work. The filament seam to be stuck... I clean the nozzle between each print. I use solex printcore with 0.6 nozzle (ice). I just made a print very good with the same parameter.... Yves
  3. To be sure.... George help me a lot. Thanks you kmanstudios, these two guys want to help. Nobody else want to help except for money here in canada.
  4. Hi, I come back with my experience into this problem. first of all, Printcore are not into warranty. Second, printcore is one part. Cannot have nozzle and ptfe tube. third, ptfe molt a lower temperature that you believe... Unfortunatly, the only one answer I had... you will have to pay... ok, it's the hard way to understand. So... thank to George Robert from his store... (gr5.com) and thanks for all, Yves
  5. @gr5 Can you tell me how I can have more strenght force from the extruder??? The filament seem to slip for me. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Thanks again, I will try to have a replacement part from reseller but the silicon is "glue" in place. I think I will have to change nozzle and silicon tube. Any web site you know for that.... Yves
  7. Dear kmanstudios, your advices are very very important. Thanks, I have made a lot of mistake without you. Yves
  8. I think I have find my problem, the silicon tube is melten into 2 of my printcores (I have 3 printcore AA). Can you tell me where I can have a replacement part? I will probably change the hotend and try to recover the electronic pieces
  9. I have print more than 120 days.... since my beginning and I have an accident with nylon (910) the printcore lower end was stuck but nylon... and my printer head was damaged by this accident a little bit (the bracket is never completly closed since the repair by less than 0.5 millimeter. My problem begin with the printer unable to do auto-level because of a sensor problem (there is a problem with sensor message) - i do manual leveling many time and now it seem ok Yves
  10. for the breakaway is it the AA printcore... maybe my mistake....
  11. Thank for information a) yes same parameter b) I'M able to pull the filament too easily maybe less than 4 kg.... c) I think the silicon insert is burn... where can I find new one... it's ok for the garantee.... I think the feeder's gear are dirty but I can't see, can I have more force for the filament... (b) maybe the filament is more weak (surface more less hard) Do you have replacement printcore (last option) where I can have good printcore (in fact very good print core)
  12. I understand the bad tolerance and i see it in action on this spool. The breakable filament is from ultimaker. I dont find it in other brand. I will find and make more test and reply to this topic with my experience... if i find... thank you sir.
  13. filament.ca econofill pla (16$ CDN / kg !) extrusion multiplier into simplify, and débit (flow rate) in Cura (I see a problem, it is just for first layer in cura...) nozzle clean, each time material stuck in print core it's "breakable" the fist picture: gcode made by cura at 120% of flow rate... (default print speed is 60mm/s or 3600mm/min) the two others: made by simplify 3d... at 100% extrusion multiplier and 120%... with filament diameter to 2.72mm (print speed 80 mm/s) Thanks for all Yves
  14. Hi, I have many printing problem with my Ultimaker 3extended since few weeks. Sometime the external skin doesnt print, the infill is inconsistent. I use simplify3d and cura and try many settings. my filament is grey PLA with 2.72 mm diameter (economical filament, but I use a lot of filament, 8 to 12 kg per month), i try from 100% to 120% print speed and temprature from 220 to 240 for extruder. Print bed is 70 C. The filament seem to slip sometime. And the printcore 2 is unavailable because it is stuck with material. I'm unabe to clean after many hours of hot and cold pull.
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