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  1. Hey there mate So im no expert, just getting that out of the way first, but i have an idea. To me it looks like the part is delaminating and curling on the corner which iv found to happen to a few prints of mine. Since its so high up in the air its cooling and shrinking pretty fast so maybe try to give it heaps more surface area to stay straight. Try this : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39311-custom-skirt-brim-anywhere-the-user-wants-simplify3d-trick-peggyb-explains-how-to-do-it-on-cura Let us know how you go on. Another Tip could be to put a cardboard box over your printer as mention
  2. Hey there we just got an ultimaker 3 at my work and im curious as to what settings and tolerances you are working to in order to achieve engineering grade prints? cheers
  3. Hey man came across your thread and it looks interesting! i wanted to know how you're finding the copper filament? did you upgrade your hot ends to print with it or are you running stock? Also since you have the ammonia available, mind testing this idea again? would be a good alternative to the PVA support structure.
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