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  1. Thanks a lot four help! You guys are perfectly right! The not "real" round shape was caused by the resolution of the STL File. I wasn't aware that I can make different settings when exporting an STL File. Now I have increased resolution an did a new print. The result is almost perfect. Best regards Marcus
  2. Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and appreciate the helpful community with it's great knowledge. A few days ago I purchsed an Ultimaker 3 to be able to print prototypes for my company. I've alreday done a couple of prints and still going through the learning curve. Attached I have a picture of one of the parts I have printed. I was wondering about the vertical lines on the outer side. As far as I know the stepper motors have a really high resolution so I expected a better result. Can somebody confirm that this is normal (physical limit of the machine) or if there is something not
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