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  1. Thanks for the reply! We have been printing with PLA and we had been cleaning the platform between prints to eliminate oils, so unfortunately that is probably not our issue there. Our school has decided to not use glue sticks as they are afraid that there is greater potential for error when they are student used and not applied to the platform correctly. Two things I have noticed in the last week though: First thing was that the bed was not heating evenly, the back would get to around 58 where as the front would only reach about 54. Is this common, and is this something that could be effecting the print? Second, we switched filament brands and have been having much better results. We still haven't decided on which brand we are going to be using with the students so hopefully this will be making things easier from here and help us make that decision. Again, sorry for my lack of details and appreciate your help! hopefully we keep getting good results with our new filament and we are good to go from here. Cheers!
  2. Hello there, I work at a school and we recently replaced our 1.75mm student run printers with two Ultimaker 2+. In the week or so we have had them we have done fairly extensive testing on our Cura profiles and just trying to get successful prints out of them so we know how to teach the students how to use them. Unfortunately, in our short time of testing so far, almost every print we send is failing in the first few layers. It fails in several ways, usually because the print does not adhere to the bed and collides with the extruder as it passes back over that area. We are not sure if this is a leveling issue or a bed adherence issue or an extrusion issue, so any help would be appreciated. So far we have tried blue tape on the platform, lowering the initial layer print speed, printing with skirts and brims, and even changing the extruder temperature to see if it was under extruding. So far none of this has seemed to make a difference. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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