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  1. Hello Hinz, Did you manage to have luck correcting your issue? I have pretty much the same setup.
  2. I actually have the same setup. UM2 with the + extrusion upgrade. I also used the original to upgrade to dual extrusion. I loaded the UltiCreatr firmware. Thus far I have been able to get it to print the first layer without issue. After the first layer the primary offsets on the y axis about 5mm toward the back, while the secondary nozzle does not. The machine also decides to goto 0,0 to wipe the nozzle and hits the clip on the front left of the UM2. I checked the gcode but could not see an issue in the commands. I was hoping to be able to convert the hex firmware code back to readable
  3. Hello, I have completed a custom modification to my UM2 to have dual extruders. I am at the point now where I have updated the json files for the definitions and extruders. I am stuck at the point right now where I need to modify the .curaprofile to allow both extruders to be recognized. Unfortunately, while I can modify the text using notepadd++ to do this the saved file gives me an error when I try to import it into the profile manager. I am thinking that when I save may have the wrong file format or that I need to use a different editor. Any ideas? Regards, Adam
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