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  1. If you're going for glass/carbon fiber, be sure to use the .6mm CC core. It's a thick line compared to .4, but it will increase strength a bit. And the CC core will be able to handle these abrasive materials very well. Use a regular AA core and your .4 will be a .6 quite soon....
  2. I know the laptop behind it from Utlimaker is big, but not thát big haha 😛
  3. Nice! Do you have an undercarriage with electronics and motor already? Anyway, here's a print from my side. It's actually one print. Wooden parts: 0.8mm PLA with Natural Wood "Metal" parts: .25 nozzle, Tough PLA. All the parts were printed on one S5 plate with dual extrusion. So you basically print a DIY model kit. It's 12cm long like this. 🙂
  4. Hi Maurosacchi. Personally, I would be looking at PP with glass/carbon fiber. Extremely strong and PP works well with liquids. Make sure when you print that the z seam alignment is at random. And I would also print it with 100% infill. Final version anyway. If you do want to go for PP, make sure you use the adhesionsheet and/or pp-adhesion from Magigoo. Those are the only adhesion solutions which worked for me when I used PP with GF (30%): XSTRAND™ GF30-PP (Polypropylene + Glass Fiber) (crea3d.com) Sounds like a very interesting project, SandervG forwarded this thread t
  5. Looks really good, I'm a big sucker for trains. Any updates right now? Can't wait to see it printed and painted!
  6. Hi guys! Since it's almost Christmas, I thought it'd be a nice idea to do a quick Christmas Tree Topper. I have yet to remove all pva and paint my own print, but I'd also like to see you guys print and decorate it. Who's in? 🙂 Christmas Tree Topper.STL
  7. Great to see, I love racing, especially Formula cars, so this fulls my heart with joy! Are you creating FE prototypes and/or other prints on a regular basis?
  8. What modeling software are you using Hembreek? As Steve said, make sure your models are as high poly as possible.
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