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  1. I have used PC in my UM3 for functional prototypes and it works very well. I am now trying CPE+ and it too is working well also. I am just wondering what the difference in strength is between the two materials. I have the data sheets and understand them, but can anyone tell me (from experience) which material is stronger? Again, this is just because I am curious and can not find an answer about this anywhere. Both materials are working well for me so far and both break after too much abuse. The picture attached is a section view of part of a product that mounts a cell phone to handlebars.
  2. Thank you @KristelB! I put my part on my build plate, set the temperature to 77C and let it sit there for 6 hours. The part is perfect now, much less flexible than before but still a little more flexible than my ABS part. This is what I expected Nylon to be like. Thank you all very much!
  3. I did what I said and the print came out the same, I even used distilled water in case my water had something in it. My part is thin so maybe this is normal for Nylon and I am used to using ABS. @SandervG I can send you the part to print and we can perform the same test. Could you do that?
  4. Sorry to bring up an old post but I am having this same problem. My nylon is extremely soft after soaking the PVA off of it. Info: I completed my 30ish hour print of UM Nylon and PVA. I did not thoroughly test or examine how hard/flexible it was as I did not know this would be an issue. I put it in a 5 gallon bucket then added water until there was about 2 inches of water over the part. The part floated to the top but did not stick out above the water so I let it float. I did not time it but it sat in the water for about 20 hours. The PVA completely dissolved and the part looks great but is very flexible and weak. The bucket has been in my shop for many months and could have been used with anything. It looked clean but I did not wash it. I noticed bubbles in the water when I pour the bucket out in the sink after the 20 hours. I figured that was the PVA dissolved in the water. But maybe there was some soap or something else in the bucket. I am going to print again and pay more attention to how the part comes off the printer. Wash the bucket, and keep the part in for only 12 hours. I will post my results.
  5. I just started using 2.6.2 with my new UM3. Previously I was using 2.3 with my UM2. My UM3 has a lot of strands all over it after a print. With my UM2 and Cura 2.3 I would adjust the retraction settings to get rid of those but I can't find that in 2.6.2. Is there a way to adjust the retraction settings in Cura 2.6.2?
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