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  1. Hi Torgeir! I can’t thank you enough for your help! I’ll fix it soon. Best wishes!
  2. Hi! I accidentaly blew the C74 capacitor. Does anyone know it’s right specification on v2.1.4 board?
  3. Thank you so Much! I am looking for a solid partner to help me out with my project! cant thank you enough Rajilpahuja and Gr5. and let me know as soon as you have those PT100 ready.
  4. It worked really fine! Temp error only above 403 degrees... guess I’ll try printing at 400 and see what heapens... can’t thank you enough for you support!
  5. I just figured it out after you said. I am changing the hole circuit and hope it works... fingers crossed!
  6. Seems to be working fine all the system... just measures it all... almost 5v all over... here is the sketch...
  7. As on as you have them made I will want a pair. Thank you and soon I’ll send the diagram... tks again.
  8. Right! I will do that as soon as I get a Voltometer... for now this is what I’ve done...
  9. Hi all! I have just installed the AD597 thermos amplifier and did all changing in Marlin so I could reach the 400+ Celsius degree... the problem is that after doing so my readings are reaching as much as 125-135 degrees Celsius but the printer head reaches way higher temperatures. I have changed the original printer head for a two heads volcano model that reaches high temperatures. I believe I am having trouble with the PID config or some Marlin detail. please, If someone have had this problem and has any Idea on how I can fix it I would so much appreciate it.
  10. hello! I have bought all the hardware upgrade to make the change needed for 400°C printing. but I can´t make sure I´ll change the software properly. where can I find the correct way to change software configuration so that cura does all the rest smoothly. tks again. tiago
  11. hi! do you have the HEX file so that I can upload on my UM2+ to make it possible to print PEEK? I am having some trouble uploading my version of the edited firmware (too many log errors).
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