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  1. Thanks for the reply Ahoeben. As per your request, I've uninstalled any trace of previous versions of Cura that I could find (install directory / appdata local / appdata roaming / cleaned the registry) and then did a fresh install of 2.6. The install was ran as administrator just to be safe. Then launching of 2.6 was done as administrator to be consistent. Unfortunately the results were the same, though this time I'm shocked at the 2 appdata locations being so sparse. I've zipped up the following: appdata/local/cura appdata/roaming/cura programfiles/cura 2.6 I've also included the install file that I used to install 2.6. All of this has been uploaded to dropbox, here Just in case it helps...
  2. Sadly I had tried all of these suggestions prior to posting and they had not solved the problem. I've still been unsuccessful at getting Cura to run on my machine, so I gave in and just created a VM with Ubuntu and run the slicer off of that. I still would like to run Cura on my main machine, so if there are any other suggestions that I might try, I'm all ears!
  3. After installing the Windows 10 Creators update I have not been able to start Cura. I was on 2.5 and noticed that 2.6 had been released so I tried uninstalling 2.5, cleaning my registry, then installing 2.6 but that also failed to load. I tried the same steps going to 2.7, but that produced the same results. I've looked at some of the solutions for similar issues reported but nothing has worked so far. The log file doesn't seem to be updating with anything past the 9th of July, so I'm not getting much help from that either... Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, what did you do to resolve it??
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