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  1. We switched to an aftermarket brand of PVA and the printer is working very well now. I would avoid the Ultimaker brand of PVA (and other filaments) as they have caused a lot of problems for us when working in previous generations of Ultimaker printers. The original branded PVA that came with the S5 was so brittle, it could rarely be fed into the machine and yes, it did shatter inside the bowden tube numerous times. This was NOT because it was "wet". It was 99.9% dry AND humidity in the room is only 8%.
  2. This assumption is hilarious and misinformed. YES, you would sell more units IF you would take 2 days of your engineers time to solve this very simple problem. The vast majority of machine shops and designers DO USE inches and feet and not the metric system. I cannot stand CURA for this reason alone. I have owned 5 Ultimakers and sold 4 of them partly because the software is so hard to use. Most other 3d printer software DOES offer conversion to inches. I'm working on a project right now that would have been set up in seconds on my other printers, but because I'm running it on Cura for the S5, it is a serious problem as the file will not load correctly because it was designed in inches. When making the conversion myself, it does not tell me where it is measuring the vague length and width on a non-square part. In the end, Ultimaker has a long way to go to compete in the US market and I'm quite certain their arrogance as designers is preventing them from becoming commonplace here.
  3. So I've owned 4 Ultimaker printers and never had a problem I couldn't easily fix. This new S5 is so much more difficult. 1) The Ultimaker brand PVA doesn't feed reliably and stops through even the shortest of prints. I have cleaned the nozzle and it still stops working. 2) There's a way to connect my printer to my local wifi network, which I have done. But Cura is asking me to connect it again with an IP address. My computer lists over a dozen IP addresses and none of them are the correct format according to this dumb software. On top of that, the printer did not come with any instructions on connecting to the network and I cannot find any reference to instructions on the Ultimaker website. This is very frustrating. 3) There is no way to load print jobs from my computer, but only through USB. Why was it advertised as the opposite? Overall, I'm not impressed with the user interface and technology since I can't get these features to work. Does anyone at Ultimaker care to share the magical steps necessary to make this printer work?
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