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  1. Have found the same issue with 3.x.x none of them have taken to the offset value. Like you I have an offset of X-18 for nozzle one (or 18 for nozzle two!). I have just been using 2.6.2 for the time being. Currently I can only use 3.x.x for single extrusion :(
  2. Hi! I am trying to use Cura for some dual extrusion work. Normally I use Slic3r (sorry!) for single but it is rubbish at dual. I am having an issue with a model when it is sliced with two materials. The print head is being sent to X-18 Y0 on three layers. Firstly I am not sure why the head is being sent to the home position during the print nor am I sure why it would try to send to a negative coordinate. 18mm happens though to be the distance between the two print heads which can't be a coincidence. The errors are on layers 1 and 94. What is interesting is that the layer view in Cura ignores
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