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  1. Have found the same issue with 3.x.x none of them have taken to the offset value. Like you I have an offset of X-18 for nozzle one (or 18 for nozzle two!). I have just been using 2.6.2 for the time being. Currently I can only use 3.x.x for single extrusion :(
  2. Hi! I am trying to use Cura for some dual extrusion work. Normally I use Slic3r (sorry!) for single but it is rubbish at dual. I am having an issue with a model when it is sliced with two materials. The print head is being sent to X-18 Y0 on three layers. Firstly I am not sure why the head is being sent to the home position during the print nor am I sure why it would try to send to a negative coordinate. 18mm happens though to be the distance between the two print heads which can't be a coincidence. The errors are on layers 1 and 94. What is interesting is that the layer view in Cura ignores the error and show travel moves starting from origin: Where as Repetier-Host shows the real moves outside of the printable area. I guess that is due to RH not being setup for dual extrusion and showing the full offsets: I am manually changing the gcode now to see if that sorts the issue for this print, but doesn't explain why the print head is moving to the home position anyway. If I set the model to print using a single extruder for both parts then it doesn't do those moves, it is only when dual extrusion is selected it does it. Any thoughts on what is going on here? Anything else you guys need me to do/show. The printer is a custom machine using Repetier - not that it is that which is the problem in this case but FYI
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