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  1. Thanks for the answer. I will prepare a video. Okay maybe cleaning is wrong. When a print starts it squeezes some filament out at the corner (a small blob) with the filament you want to print. Then after the first or some more layers (depending on first layer area) it does the same with the unused nozzle/filament. And when this happens at the second layer it crashes.
  2. Hi guys, I have a very strange issue. When printing a part with only one nozzle. After some time the UM3 automatically cleans the unused nozzle. That's okay typically this happens after layer 20 or whatever. But when I print a part with a very big initial area the cleanup process starts at the second layer. Then the head moves back to change the nozzles and crashes/scratches the plate, in addition it gets stuck to the backward holding clips. After a lot of rattling it gets back working but already missed some steps because of the stucks and the second layer differs in position to the first layer.( 2-3 cm) I leveled the bed manually and in auto mode etc. nothing helps. Slicer is the newest Cura also reseted the UM3. A print right after that with a smaller initial area prints just fine, because the Z axis is high enough after some layers. And the unused nozzle clean works just fine. Any ideas on that? Seems like a bug, when the first layer is big enough so the nozzle clean procedure needs to start right after that. Firmware is 3.7.7 ( newest at the moment) Thanks in advance Shaggy
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