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  1. Yes. I have metta tagged photos from the evening of Sun, Dec 18, 2016 when I received it. Attached is from about 20 mins ago and proves that I do have an UM2+ Extended. I also have purchased an additional hot end during the + upgrade period (`~$400) and have had some success running 2 materials with Tinker-Firmware. I do remember running the XY print as part of the unboxing. I can share more photos if needed to prove my story.
  2. Hello, I remember printing an XY calibration print when I first got my machine. I would like to do this again after all this time and having just done some serious maintenance. Would someone be able to link me to those instructions? I enjoy using this machine and would like to get it back to how it was when I first got it. Thanks in advance. Regards, Matt Blair
  3. Hello technolazy, I also had to extend the second feeder motor cable. I am getting x/y limit errors as you mentioned in issue 3. The tricky thing is I don't get the error when using the firmware "Mark2-dual-ext-17.06.hex" but do when using "Tinker-Mark2-extended-expansion-board-17.06.hex". I took a video of homing the head with the different firmwares. it is here: Are you able to run the firmware "Tinker-Mark2-extended-expansion-board-17.06.hex" successfully? Thanks, Matt
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