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  1. Third time tying to post... whoever invented captcha I have a love/hate relationship with. I did install the new version (had the one previous) which unfortunately did not resolve my problem. Admittedly I am new to printing, as I would guess is common to forums. I've tried netfab, different orientations (same face as this is the preferred for what I am doing), and other fiddling with no success. I haven't tried a new splitting software which I guess is next. Thank your for your time! I will persevere!
  2. Hello! I'm hoping someone has had similar experience with the problems below. I'm only about 2 months in with printing and doing upgrades to my current printer. I've noticed in some prints that external wall layers are sometime inconsistent when viewing them in Cura's layer function, I've also tried to forum my way though in suggestions of looking at X-Ray, Fix Horrible..cant seem to find, and adjusting the walls thickness, scale, and others. These layer problems are exactly represented in print. I'd be grateful for any insight. (Hopefully this picture posts... i dont forum often) Im tryin
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