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  1. Completely agree with you. I should change my setting and try again. I have try with PLA, much more easier, no problem at all. But just facing a problem that how to smoothing PLA printing. As I know, chloroform is the best choice, but hard to get it.
  2. Hi, thanks for advise. Yes, poor adhesion, or like warping after cooled down. While it happen during printing as well. Nozzle temperature is 260 degree, mostly I follow Cura standard setting. Yes, you are right, I should try, to increase 20~25% infill. How about layer and wall thickness? Any effect in this case?
  3. Recently I facing a problem on my printing parts. The part start to crack during printing, and getting more serious after cooling down. Material : ABS Profile : Normal Layer Height : 0.2mm Wall thickness : 1mm Top/Btm thickness : 0.75mm Infill density : 10% Material enable retraction : YES Printing speed : 55mm/s Travel speed : 150mm/s Enable print'g cooling : no What is the root cause of this problem Thanks!
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