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  1. Thanks for the info. I’m familiar with Linux and can revert to 4.3.3 and cp the source directories to the SD, then diff them against the latest source. If they are putting the WiFi card in a different opmode this may get really black box. I understand I’m experiencing an edge case that most don’t, but I didn’t get to pay less than everyone else for my printer. Bummer. If UM refuse to fix it the least I can do is take a look.
  2. No problem! I appreciate your responses. :)
  3. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but I hope you don't speak for the community as a whole. That's not a great way to invite new people to the forums. My only suggestion is to be proactive in looking for a better solution than bypass the wifi feature completely. It isn't outside of the realm of possibility for the community to come together and troubleshoot until we pinpoint the issue. As I've said before, it seems highly possible that it's just a network setting on some routers that the newer firmware revisions are not liking. This issue is not present on firmware version 4.3.3. The "fix" may not require an official firmware release to make it function correctly, although that would be preferable.
  4. I have not done a factory reset since the last time I saw the error. I am currently waiting for the issue to present itself again so that I can attempt to gather the logs again. A few questions off the top of my head: Are there different levels of verbosity that would be more appropriate to effectively debug the issue? Am I correct in my understanding that a portion of the functionality of the machine is written in Python and is visible to end users? Is the wifi codepath visible to users for inspection? Being this has been looked at for over a year, is there an known section of the codebase where this issue is believed to be?
  5. @Szahari My general network details are: Netgear R8500 Separate SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSID has no special characters or spaces Tried multiple channels for 2.4GHz Very few devices connected to 2.4GHz Only 1 or 2 devices 2.4GHz set to 1Gbps mode If you have any other specific questions I'm happy to answer them.
  6. I appreciate the suggestion, but a workaround is just a non-starter. I didn't pay partial price for the printer, so I don't want partial features. The wifi functionality was a key feature that convinced me to purchase this specific machine. This issue has been known for over a year, and it would affect me even if I purchased the system yesterday because of some random network setting that nobody can pinpoint. This wasn't a $200 printer. I paid ~$4500 out of my own pocket for home use and I expect it to function as it was advertised. Not to mention, with this bug they have tanked my resell value because I cannot guarantee other people won't face the same issue.
  7. Looks like a partial stack trace to me. I would like to see where those errors are logged in the source. Since the wifi module is an off-the-shelf part, it should be easy enough to look into the operation state being set to dig further into the issue.
  8. It seems the logs get blown out when the machine is power cycled? I tried to transfer them over to USB but it was just a bunch of json, no text log files. I can run a few more prints until it happens again and then post them.
  9. I am also seeing this issue when connecting via wifi. Blobs in my prints and everything. Also, both my wifi and Olimex boards have been replaced with brand new parts and the issue persists.
  10. I know this topic has been discussed for over a year now and no firmware fix has been released. This thread was started to see if the community can come together and find the root cause of the issue. Issues that have been observed (only when wifi is active): When the machine is powered on, eventually the screen will split When the screen split is present, I get random blobs in my prints. I cannot connect to Cura and start/manage prints from my computer Here is a list of things that I have done so far: Contacted Ultimaker NA Zendesk support Support told me this is not a firmware issue, but instead is either the wifi card or Olimex board. Both were replaced with brand new parts and the issue persists Reverted to old firmware 4.3.3, and on this specific firmware I do not witness any of the screen splitting issues However, my automatic bed leveling is not working correctly Support told me it was must be "primarily" a network issue. My 2.4GHz SSID is separate from my 5GHz SSID SSID does not contain special characters Multiple 2.4GHz channels have been tested with identical results (split screen) Contacted the distributor where I purchased my machine Distributor worked with Ultimaker to get me another Olimex and wifi board Observations supporting this being a firmware issue: Most importantly, Ultimaker staff has confirmed this is a firmware artifact/bug and that they were supposedly working on a fix over a year ago (May 1, 2019). Ultimaker 3 display broken after firmware upgrade I see no screen split issues on 4.3.3. All hardware that could cause this issue has been replaced with brand new parts on my machine, but the issue persists only on newer firmware revisions. My guess is that this may be an issue where the newer firmware exposes wifi networking edge cases. These issues are not present ever over LAN, but I do not have the luxury of running ethernet cables across my house. Some people may consider the older firmware to be an acceptable workaround, but I do not. These devices were sold as machines that would get frequent live updates in the form of improved functionality and features. Now a firmware bug is causing my device to be unreliable, at best. The only reason I am resorting to asking for community help in root causing this issue is that I have no other reasonable recourse. Ultimaker support is not being helpful at all, and I've not been asked once to supply any logs or assist with troubleshooting the issue. If there is nothing physically wrong with a machine, customers should not be expected to just deal with having to pick and choose features for over a year. This needs to be fixed.
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